WHATWG "Bible5"

WHATWG to start work on “Bible5” Silicon Valley – June 2008 After their successful work on HTML5, CSS5, XML5, SVG5, and Web5, the WHATWG has announced that it has started work on a new version of the Bible, to be called “Bible5”. “Initially, one of the most obvious changes will be a change to the ten commandments”, said Ian Hickson, the group’s leader and idealog. “For instance we shall be changing ‘Thou shalt not kill’ to ‘Thou SHOULD not kill’ with the necessary reference to RFC 2119. Clearly after a couple of millenia experience with this spec, people have not been doing what the spec requires, and so we are merely updating it, modernizing it you might say, to reflect actual usage. I mean, what use is it having admonitions if most people are not going to follow them?” he asked, adding “That was a rhetorical question. I mean, what use is a spec that forbids things? It just makes it harder for people to be compliant.” “That was also rhetorical” he hastened to add. Alan van Finckelstein, one of the people who will be initially working on the spec, expanded: “One of the problems with the Bible is its incompleteness” she said. “Although it mentions a few sins that are forbidden, and a few that are apparently OK — incest in the case of Job’s daughters being one that immediately springs to mind — it leaves hundreds if not thousands of sins completely unspecified. We are currently using Google to search for and identify all currently known and practised sins, so we can include them in the permitted list.”

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